I really like Tile and have been using it for about two years. I have even bought them for both my brother and brother in law.

Tile is a little device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth; it has an accompanying app that you can use to make a sound play on the Tile. So I have a Tile in my wallet and on my keys; if I lose either, I open the app and then select the item I have lost. The Tile starts ringing, and on the screen I am shown a little graphic that explains how close I am to the item.

I discovered tile in an Airport technology shop where they were selling an original Tile of about £10. I keep this one in my wallet. I then bought two stick on tiles and put one on my remote control and one on my car key.

A stick on Tile that I use to find where the kids have hidden the remote.

Tile actually make lots of different shapes and sizes and ideally id have bought a wallet credit card size Tile and a keychain one for my Car keys. However, I bought the types I did because they were on offer at the time.

I lose my keys at least once a week (I know I have a problem); funnily enough, I often lose my phone too, so my procedure to find anything is: Use my Apple watch to beep my phone then use my phone to beep my Tiles. Tile is available as an app on my watch, but I have found it to be useless and is much more reliable on the phone.