A month or so ago, a group of AWS employees got together intending to create some short videos that would show how to build and run .NET and Microsoft Workloads on AWS.

I am glad to report that the first batch of these videos is now live, and I have listed them below. We already have a further 40 or so videos in production, and I’ll be tweeting about them and blogging as they launch, so keep your eyes peeled.

Each video is between 5-15 minutes and consists of a walk through and demo of a single AWS service. Let me know in the comments how the format works for you and if there is a topic that you’d like us to cover that we have not.

  1. NET Deployment Options with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  2. Using UserData to Deploy a .NET Application Hosted on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Instance
  3. Using AWS Systems Manager Automation Documents to Deploy a .NET Application on AWS
  4. How to Deploy to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Using AWS CodeDeploy In-place Deployments
  5. How to Create Blue/Green Deployments to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud with AWS CodeDeploy
  6. How to Translate Text into a Different Language in a .NET Core Application and Amazon Translate
  7. How to Automatically Extract Text with a Sample ASP.NET Core Application and Amazon Textract
  8. How to Transcribe Speech to Text with a Sample ASP.NET Core Application and Amazon Transcribe
  9. Porting Assistant for .NET
  10. How to Start Pipeline Execution for an Existing Amazon Code Pipeline via AWS .NET SDK