Throughout this year, Julie Lerman has been on an adventure exploring AWS. If you are a .NET developer that’s intrigued by AWS, then I think you will find the content that she has been creating fascinating. I’ve listed the three main pieces below so you can take a look at your own pace.

Discovering AWS for .NET Developers
Article, May/June 2020 Code Magazine

This is about the first foray. Creating an account, installing the toolkit into Visual Studio, creating a SQL Server database (on AWS), pointing a .NET Core 3.1 App with EF Core to use that database, then (using the AWS toolkit), publishing the application to AWS.

Transform Your ASP.NET Core API into AWS Lambda Functions
Article. July/August 2020 Code Magazine

Julie took the application from the first article, transformed it into an AWS serverless application, then publishes it to AWS. In the end, AWS creates an AWS Lambda serverless function that sits in front of the API, which means you get the benefit of only paying for what you use. That compares to the cost of having the application running and waiting for requests 24/7. 

Fundamentals of Building .NET Applications on AWS
Pluralsight course, 2.5 hours. Published Aug 7, 2020

The course covers what Julie learned through writing the previous articles and goes deeper into the details, explaining and teaching some of the core concepts of AWS. In the course, Julie walks through creating an account, installing the toolkit, creating the SQL Server database, publishing the .NET Core/EF Core app, and publishing the serverless app. There is also a further lesson about publishing the application as docker containers, fully managed by AWS, using a service called Fargate.