If you go to a .NET conference in Europe, you will find that the agenda rarely contains sessions about AWS, despite that many customers run .NET applications on AWS.

As a Principal Advocate for .NET at AWS – I am (somewhat selfishly perhaps) thinking about how I could help to get more information about AWS at conferences.

After speaking to several people that I thought would make great speakers – but who hadn’t ever spoken before – they told me that they often put off by the Call for Papers (CFP) process at .NET conferences.

I have been speaking at conferences forever, and I like to think I know what conference organisers are looking for from a CFP (Call for Papers).

So to help with this problem, I thought I would set up a mentoring program for people that would like to speak at .NET conferences about AWS, but who don’t quite know where to start or require a little bit of help.

The program currently consists of the following:

  • 1-hour video call to review sessions ideas and help craft a fantastic CFP.
  • 2 x 1-hour online speaker training session with me, where I will share tips and tricks about how to prepare and deliver good content for developer audiences.
  • 1-hour online session and slide review.
  • Help with AWS credits for the demos in your sessions.
  • 1-hour debrief call after the talk, where we will go over how the talk went, and what how it can be improved based upon what you learnt by giving the talk.

If you would like to join this program, send me a note to mbeeby at amazon dot com. This program is open to anyone in Europe, Middle East or Africa that wants to talk at .NET conferences (or meetups) about AWS.