My new show will start on the 12th of August 2019 and here are the details of what I’m going to be talking about and when.

On the Monday I will publish a blog post, on Wednesday I will live stream on twitch going through the post and demoing all the code and then on Thursday I push a shorter video that shows the same content but for those that like their content more snappy, with faster cuts and distilled to its essence.

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Topic Blog Stream Video
Episode 1 5 things every .Net dev should know about AWS 12th Aug 14th Aug 2pm 15th Aug
Episode 2 Serverless and .Net 23th Sep 25th Sep 1pm 26th Sep
Episode 3 Rekognition 7th Oct 9th Oct 1pm 10th Oct
Episode 4 Polly 14th Oct 16th Oct 1pm 17th Oct
Episode 5 IoT Buttons 28th Oct 30th Oct 1pm 31st Oct
Episode 6 Understanding IAM 4th Nov 6th Nov 1pm 7th Nov
Episode 7 5 More things every .Net developer should know about AWS 25th Nov 27th Nov 1pm 28th Nov
Episode 8 CDK
Episode 9 EKS
Episode 10 WebSockets and Realtime