I was watching the AWS re-Invent keynote this morning, and I loved watching Fender present about how they developed Fender Play (a service that I use).

Its an excellent example of a company that is using technology to change the way it does business. For me, Fender Play has brought me far closer to the Fender brand; I’m even considering purchasing a new Telecaster and thinking back it’s primarily due to the experience and interactions I have had on Fender Play.

While there was only top-level information on how Fender’s architecture works it was interesting to see how they are using 40 different AWS services to put together their application from Amazon Elastic Transcoder  to AWS Lambda.

Hearing how apps are built using managed services – that I also have access too – gives me a bit of a thrill.

It makes me think that, given enough time, I too could put together something similar. No longer are these highly scalable media-rich applications the preserve of companies with vast resources… You could build it using the same tools that the biggest software companies use.

I love how cloud democratises application development; putting the previously impossible into the hands of the masses.