Last night I went to CraftyCoders in Coventry. It is hosted on an industrial estate just a few minutes from the M6 and so quite close to where I live. The event is hosted at Sainsbury’s offices and consists of 2 talks punctuated by pizza and networking.

It was a good meetup and if you live anywhere near the area, I’d highly recommend it. The two talks last night were, first, a personal journey about becoming a speaker at tech conferences and second, an overview of .net core.

Both talks were excellent in their own right.

Paul Fletcher and an architect from Sainsbury’s talked about how a random comment to his boss, suggesting that Sainsbury folk should speak at more technical conferences, landed him in a position where he was asked to lead the way and start speaking.

He recounted his journey from speaking at his first conference in Berlin to attending and speaking at an event in London, attending AWS Summit and Microsoft Tech summit and finally to Blizzcon in California as an attendee.

The talk was, in my opinion, about community and how partaking in technical communities can have both personal and professional benefits. It also coved how Blizzard structure events to ensure that they are inclusive and how Paul viewed them as the gold standard in how to run events. Much of the talk resonated strongly with me and my own experience and Pauls humour and enthusiasm shone through.

After pizza, the second talk was kicked off by Ron Sumida who is a trainer with Global Knowledge.  He looked at ASP.NET Core and explained to the audience, the basic concepts of the platform but also placed its evolution into context with a little history of the drivers that brought about the latest .net framework variant.

I’ve given a very similar talk before (like 40 times before) so you’d probably assume that I wouldn’t be interested in a talk like this, however, it was great to get another perspective on the .net core story and Ron is an incredibly talented speaker, so I really enjoyed it. I even learnt a few things that I hadn’t realised.

Ron had a wonderful ability to simplify complex ideas and got into a wonderful flow where I would have happily listened to him wax lyrical for a further few hours.

In summary, CraftyCoders is a great meetup and if you live nearby then you should almost certainly come along to the next one in January. I will be and I hope to see you there.