I’m sitting over lunch and Oracle IT have just updated my PC to the latest version of Windows 10. As with all these updates, Microsoft Edge has a go at convincing you to use it, rather than Chrome.

I’ve been using Chrome as my main browser since I left Microsoft, partly due to wanting a change, partly to discover how the other half lived. I’ve always had Chrome (and every other browser installed) but I was loyal to Edge and used it as my primary browser.

After this Windows update, I’m thinking about going back to Edge, primarily because it looks nicer and I genuinely prefer it as a browser.

If only Edge could capitalise more on VS code. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Edge plugin for Code isn’t magical.

In my opinion, they should scrap in browser tooling open up the complete API ( I know this is a work in progress with the standards bodies) and build browser tooling with all their effort in VS Code… and what more, that same plugin should hook into Chrome/Firefox/Brave/OperaMobile browsers too. One set of browser dev tools in VS Code Open source and outside the world of proprietary browsers.

Dev tools in Chrome and Edge are great, and in places brilliant, but it just feels wrong to me that they live in the browser. They should be in your editor working hand in hand with your debugger.

All the components are there, and there are some efforts to do this, but it’s not their single focus.

Scrap in-browser dev tools… open up an API that allows you to build everything from an extension in VS Code.