I had lunch with my youngest son today. We went to a local cafe where, after his sandwich, he ordered a Victoria Sponge cake.

He then decided to eat all the cream and jam but leave the sponge.

This annoyed me, it seemed such a waste, but it reminded me of how I, and so many other developers, face a software development task: I do the bit I like first and then get around to the other bit later (or sometimes not at all).

The bit I like is the coding, the nub of the issue. The bit I dislike is the documentation, code reviews and testing. Code is my jam and cream, the other admin is my sponge.

I’m much better at testing since I picked up TDD in 2010, but my documenting code (either inline, via tests or as actual written explanations for other developers) is rubbish.

Progression is discipline, I need to force myself to get better, I need to get better at eating the whole cake not just the bits I like.

P.S at lunch I ate Louis’s sponge. Waste not want not.