Allan Hojgaard Jensen mentioned to be about some great YouTube videos regarding explaining the basic concepts of blockchain. I haven’t watched them myself yet, but I have included them here in case you want to take a look. I will catch up with them when I land back in the UK.

Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo

Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo – Part 2

Sadly Denmark only got a Draw tonight against Australia, but it was cool to see so many people watching and celebrating the World cup when I arrived. Even Lars met me at the door of the meetup dressed in the Denmark Football Shirt.

Luckily the football didn’t put people off attending my meetup up talk. There was a nice crowd of people all eating pizza and drinking various drinks including Carlsberg Water! (Which is a new one on me).

Their were some great questions and another intereting talk by Allan Hojgaard Jensen about Gauardium, showing a great community idea that is using blockchain for good. It was a really nice vibe, with lots of discussion and interaction from the audience.