Technology is like fashion. Things come and go, and people often make snap judgements about people based upon a surface veneer. In fashion it’s the clothes that people wear, and in technology, it’s the buzzwords they use.

I’m as guilty as anyone. I will happily talk about technology trends just because it is fashionable and because I know it will draw an audience at an event.

I try and keep it in check though. If I want to talk about a Trendy technology and right now its Blockchain and AI I will hack around the technology so that my understanding is deeper than that of an average developer, but still perhaps shallower than if I wanted to get a job with the implementation of the technology.

I think that’s fair… as long as I can help regular developers on-board onto a technology and save them some time by giving them shortcuts to learning, then I think that’s valuable.

What surprises me, in this industry, is the number of people who are willing to stand up and talk about a topic having only learnt the buzzwords. I was recently at an analysts meeting, and I swear three guys talked about "blockchain in the enterprise" having, from what I could tell, zero understanding of how blockchain could be used in the enterprise.

It’s like people discussing the intricacies of this year’s fashion trends wearing fake Moschino hats and Ralph Lauren Polos they’d bought at the Sunday market.

In technology as in fashion, there are lots of pretenders.