I think one of the most helpful things airports, shops and hotels can do is have USB ports installed for customers to use. Part of me hates to say this. It reads like I have a considerable technology addiction (and I probably do).

Forget a free cookie on check-in; nothing buys my hotel loyalty like a USB installed close to the bed.

Heathrow Terminal 3 have recently installed USBs into all of the regular chairs in the airport terminal. Give a rasie to who ever decided that.

On my Qantas flight from Dubai, I had a USB in my seat in economy class: I’d never been so pleased with a long trip.

Topshop on Oxford Circus have USB charging points near the changing rooms so that if you are waiting for someone to try clothes on you can quickly top up your phone.

I am currently on a delayed plane, and it has been on the tarmac for over an hour. Everyone seems to be going on a tour of the cockpit. I’m intrigued if the pilot has a USB charger in there, or a cigarette lighter converted into one.

My Tesla taxi at Schiphol airport a few weeks ago had USB for passengers.

I was at Euston station last week, and a girl asked if I had a phone charger. I did of course and gifted her a branded USB phone charger. She told me I was a life saver.

A lifesaver? Really, for a phone charger. Unless she was topping up her pacemaker, I think this was an exaggeration.

If you want to annoy me: Build a gadget that you can’t charge with a standard USB, USB-C or lightning charger (i’m looking at you Fitbit) or Install USB charging points and then don’t power them on (I’m looking at you Prime Burger at Euston Station)

In 2010 I didn’t even know what a micro USB was. Now people are claiming that they save their lives. I feel like our priorities are messed up.