This morning I’m heading to Berlin, a 3am start to arrive to Germany for 9am is no fun, but I still enjoy the thrill of travel. Even at the earliest of hours I still get excited about uncovering another part of the world.

Even if I’m on a flight with a 20 person stag do and a guy dressed as a penguin in the seat next to me.

The part I don’t like is leaving my kids, even for a day. My wife just sent me a WhatsApp of my youngest son head banging to some foo fighters song. It’s a lonely business traveling on your own and whilst I love my job and love traveling there is always a contradiction that I hate being away.

10 minutes back at the school run though and I quickly wish I was back at the airport. I’m grateful that I’m doing this job in a world of WhatsApp and FaceTime. I’m never really to far.

Funny how we spend so much of our life looking forward to what we do next or longing to be somewhere else. Only to find the actual present is disappearing with increasing speed.

I constantly have to remind myself to live in the moment. To enjoy the things I’m experiencing right now. I’ve learnt to make the most of situations. In the past when I’ve had jobs I didn’t like I used the time to work on skills that would get me to the place I want to be. When your in an airport write a blog. When your waiting for a train write some code. When your on a flight listen to an audio book. When your stuck in a hotel room call your family. If nothing is on TV go to the gym.

There’s no value in being idle or lonely so If I notice myself being either I try to work through it and do something that will have some positive impact in the future.