I was just using my laptop, and someone had changed my default font to comic sans. Enraged I asked my wife if she’d touched my computer. Apparently, she’d switched it when the kids were using it.

Why would anyone change the font to comic sans when you have thousands of other fonts to choose?

Well, she said “Its the best font for letter formation”. My wife is a teacher you see, and it turns out she is right. Comic sans is one of the very few fonts that form letters the same way children are taught to write at school. Take the character ‘a’ for example. In most computer fonts it’s written as the double-storey ‘a’ whereas children are taught to write the single storey-version ‘ɑ’.

So Today I learnt that comic sans has its uses, and why it’s so popular in primary schools. It shows that you should never jump to dismiss someone’s design choice, there might be more profound reasons than pure aesthetics. That goes for fonts as well as software design decisions.