I have just been away on a little Nordic Tour. Norway > Sweden > London. Ok, I understand London isn’t quite Nordic, but it at least had the right temperature this week.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing things that happened to me was wondering through Norway and contemplating the UK’s exit from the EU. Looking around and thinking "It’s horrible that we are going to be with our Europen brothers like Norway" I was genuinely saddened by it. It was nearly a full day later that I remembered Norway isn’t in the EU. I’m so glad that no one was there to have heard me vocalise those thoughts.

I Spoke in each city I travelled too, In Oslo and Stockholm about Blockchain and London about Serverless. Working in the day and then speaking at Night, on paper, seems like its going to be okay but on Thursday in my office, I was exhausted. I couldn’t concentrate at all on the work I needed to do.

I’m currently working on an AI demo; it’s nearly finished and not very complicated. My brain was spent. Tiredness used to help me code; nowadays, however, I’m finding the less sleep I get, the less work I’m getting done. In a complete reversal of my old routine, I’m finding my self to be far more productive first thing in the morning.

I might try earlier nights and earlier mornings for a while.