After a lovely evening in Oslo I took the short flight over to Stockholm to give a talk at Stockholm Blockchain Meetup I gave my a developer primer on blockchain talk.

I had to my the talk longer since when I arrived the organiser expected me to speak for two hours… I somehow managed it too. This has happened to me a few times when other people have helped with the organisation. The length of the talk is one of the first things I ask when I organise speaking gig directly, but when you work through an intermediary (one of the local Oracle teams arranged this meetup) things sometimes get miscommunicated accidentally.

Because I was flying to London early the next morning, I stayed in a hotel a the airport… The hotel was great, but the view wasn’t as good as the night before in Oslo.

I walked around the city after my talk. I liked the place but found it strange that even though it was cold enough for the rivers to be frozen, it didn’t feel as cold as London. I wonder if that is something to do with wind chill or humidity.