I spoke about Blockchain at Blockchangers in Oslo, it was a great night, and I hope people liked it, there were lots of questions afterwards and I felt the talk is developing quite nicely from when I originally wrote it a few months ago.

I really loved Oslo, even despite an early mistake on arrival. I got a cab from the airport to the hotel that cost nearly £170. Lesson learned; always get the train in Oslo, taxis are crazily expensive (even uber which is under some sort of government pricing control).

I stayed at the Radisson Blu Oslo Plaza in the centre of Oslo, which is a great hotel.

I could tell it had been recently renovated as it had USB ports near the bed (always a telltale sign).

The gym had one of the best views I’ve ever had in a gym.

Nothing makes me feel more healthy than going to the gym and taking a swim after speaking at a meetup. After years of associating meetups with junk food and excessive alcohol consumption, the simple act of doing something a little good for myself makes travelling a lot easier and enjoyable in the long run.