I spoke a few years ago at the Inaugural International Developers Conference in London and had stayed in contact with Adam who organises these events.

He wrote to me after I asked if anyone wanted a meetup speaker and he saw, on my speaking page, that I did an intro talk to blockchain for developers and asked me to speak at his event.

Originally the event was scheduled for earlier in the year but was postponed due to snow. The event was at in the fantastic We Work in Aldgate.

It’s possibly the only event that I have been to where you could pour your beer. Beer on draft is raising the bar for meetups as far as I can tell

I gave one of the first versions my Developer Primer for Developers it went well, and there were lots of questions afterwards.

I experienced my first Wireless only projector screen. It was pretty annoying the way it worked as it would only allow me to duplicate and I usually use presenter mode; I have to admit though. Wireless is the future, just a shame that it didn’t directly integrate so that I could use Miracast rather than having to download some third-party application.