If you are a fulltime Developer, there are lots pressures to stay current. It can sometimes feel like there’s still so much to learn and that everyone else knows more than you and somehow manages to stay current. Allow me to let you into a little secret: No one is ever up to date.

I’m not a developer, but a developer evangelist. I used to be a developer, but there is a vast difference between what I do and what you do. I don’t produce complete software anymore. I write demos, I write technical talks, I write Articles, but I don’t have the pressure of actually delivering software. My entire Job relies on me knowing the latest elements of Oracles and Competing platforms. The truth is though; I’m not up to date.

So If I can dedicate my 40 hours a week to nothing but learning the latest platform trends, and I’m still not up to date what hope has a developer with, you know an actual job, got. The reality is you can’t be up to date anymore. The field of professional development is just too broad.

As a web developer, being up to date in 2000 meant reading 4guysfromrolla.com and webmonkey.com, but now I can’t blink without a new JavaScript framework or being told that a platform I learnt four months ago is now considered legacy.

So be like me, don’t feel inadequate because you aren’t all over the latest container orchestrator, but know that technology is like fashion. Things come and go, if you stick to understanding the core principles and furthering your knowledge bit-by-bit around your schedule, your personal development will be on-track, and your skill set will always be in demand.