You have to love Resharper! Every week I find a new tool or a shortcut that brings joy to my heart. I felt the ‘ReSharper rush’ earlier today when I stumbled on the Explore stack Trace feature.

Debugging an exception in the deep dark depth of some old code can be a real pain. Picking through a stack trace that’s as clear as a steal window isn’t my idea of fun, but fear not, Resharper’s got your back!

When an exception throws, the pop-up box below appears. Click on Copy exception detail to the clipboard, then pop along to the Resharper menu and select “Explore Stack Trace” or key CTRL+ E + T

You then end up with a pretty little stack trace window that’s clearer to look at and gives you hyperlinks that will take you directly to the error lines. Pretty snazzy, don’t you think?