I just heard my cousin died today at 5pm. She died after a heart attack brought on by a car accident. She was only 33 and it really made me think about life and how fleeting it all is.  She’d only just passed her driving test after years of trying, I remember how happy she’d been with passing when I saw her just before Christmas. We spoke at length about life, our childhood and the future. She’d just bought a house and seemed to have her life on track after having to deal with some pretty awful things in her life.

I’m writing this 1 hour after being told of her death and I wanted to write this note as a little reminder to myself for the future. However, bad things are going, however tight money gets, however hard you work; never lose sight of the important things in life; friends and family. Money can never bring you happiness like the smile of a loved one.

R.I.P Carol 1975-2009